Monday, June 22, 2009

Boy or Girl!?!?! Name?!?!?

Boy or Girl???
Wow I feel like I am a kid again counting down the days till Christmas or my birthday. The doctor’s office called last week to set up my ultrasound to find out the sex. We go to the hospital July 13. I am just so excited I can’t wait. I have tried all the little test/quizzes and some say boy and some say girl, one even said twins. WHAT! Some people say they just know, NOT me.

We have been trying to think of names but, Aaron says he does better under presser… I am sure when we know the sex it will not be so overwhelming. There is a lot to a name, what if they don’t like it, what if that get made fun of, what if when they grow up they don’t match their name, the list goes on and on. If anyone has any helpful hints for picking out names let me know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Here is something I stole from another blog but it is so cute I thought I would share it. I just got the wooden letter from Wal-Mart. Then I framed all the pictures together in a three space frame. It is super cute & great for Dad's with a office. Yes that is the baby in the background, Cayleb said we could do it with out the baby.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alex Longhorns

So our baseball days are coming to an end. Here are some pictures of a couple of games. Cayleb has done great this year. I love watching baseball and when your kid plays it makes it even better. It has been so fun to see him and his team get better and better as the year went on. This is his last year to play coach pitch next year he moves to kid pitch. That should be fun to watch...

Fun in the Sun

We have had lots of fun with our boat this summer! Here are some pictures from the lake.

Cayleb LOVE'S to fish he could do it for hours.

He was mad because Aaron would not slow down... make the picture bigger. I am such a bad mom!

His big fish.

I love his sweet smile

14 weeks

We went to the doctor today I am now 14 weeks and counting. It has gone by a lot faster than I thought it would. We got to hear our little “peanuts” heart beat. It was 143 , we didn't get to see the baby. Our doctor was on vacation so we saw the nurse prac. I have lost weight because I am sick a lot. They proscribed me medication for my morning/evening sickness. She said it will make me sleepy so I can not drive or operate heavy machinery. Lol. I have that weird belly that you’re not really sure if I am pregnant or not. I am sure that will change fast. I am looking forward to feeling better and food tasting good again!

We should find out next month what we are having. I have been talking to Cayleb a LOT about how we don’t get to pick if we have a brother or a sister. He is so funny and just like his daddy, he really wants a brother and doesn’t get why I did just make it a brother. I said to him “if we have a sister we have to keep her”, he says to me” why can’t you just send her back”! I think this is why people don’t spread their kids out 9 years apart… they ask to many questions that are hard to answer. I know either way he will be the best big brother. He is really excited to find out; we told him that he can be the one to tell everyone. When we went to the doctor today he asked me like 10 times if today was the day that we find out, because if it was he was going too.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am sorry I don’t have any pictures of the one I made but it is super easy!!! I made this for my Niece. I think it took me 15 min. So for all you mom’s out there with little girls, this is cheap and cute! The sky is the limit whatever colors you want. I found it on youtube here is easy steps to follow.