Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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This is right after she was born

So I am sure most of you have heard that my sweet little girl decided that she wanted to come into this world a lot early! I was only 32 weeks...

This is a long story!

It all started Sunday night (18th) about 6:00 or so. I was having "cramps/ growing pains" in my lower belly. I thought I would got take a bath and lay down for a little bit to see if it would go away. I called a couple friends to see what they thought it could be. We live like 45 min to an hour away from the hospital so I hated to drive all the way up there. So I finally called the doctor about 8 or so and he said it might be growing pains but I should go ahead and come in. So, I waited because that is what I do. About 20 or 30 min and it just kept getting worse! Aaron finally said lets just go and see what they say. We loaded up and our friends met us to get Cayleb. It is now about 9:30 when we make it to the hospital.... I don't even want to know how fast Aaron was driving. You have to the ER that late and then they will take you up to labor and delivery. When I walked in the lady at the front desk asked what the problem was and I told her that I was pregnant and she said "are you in labor" I told her I didn't know... (The whole time this all going on I am just thinking to myself, I am going to feel so silly when they tell me I have bad gas or something.) They quickly get me into a wheel chair and up to labor and delivery.

And the fun begins here! They hook me up to the monitors and the nurse says yep your having contractions and WOW they are coming quick! So she calls the doctor and he says to give me a shot and wait and see if they stop. This shot makes you shake like crazy. And my contraction did stop for about 30 mins and then they started back, so they gave me one more shot. I was now at a 2-3. It did not work so they said that they were going to have to admit me and start me on magnesium. Its now 12-12:30 and she said it would take up to 2 hours for this to work. Well 2 hours came and went! And they didn't stop! I finely told Aaron that he had to get the nurse and they had give me something! The nurse came in and said she would call the doctor and ask him what he wanted to do, but then she look at the monitor and said she would be right back with something. She gave me a shot and she still said that my contraction should stop, but that my doctor was in the hospital and he was going to come and check on me. My nurse checked me and said that I was now a 4 but we will wait and see what the doctor says. Keep in mind they still wont give me an epidural because they are trying to stop my labor... Its now about 3:15 and the doctor comes in and he talks to me for a little bit and then he checks me and says well your a 9!! I looked at the nurse and said NOW can I have an epidural? She said she didn't think so but she would go ask. Guess what NO meds! My water breaks and I push for 20 min or so. And we have a baby at 4:22 am on Monday.

My sweet baby comes out crying. They work on her for a little bit and quickly rush her out of the room. Aaron goes with the baby while the finish working on me. She weighed 4 lb 2 0z and was 16.5 inch long. I got to go see her about an hour after I had her. She was in NICU for 2 days but they never gave her a feeding tube or anything. Then they moved her into an "cube" crib where she spend 4 days. She was on the lights for 2 days. Then she moved to an open crib and kept her temp. We got to bring her home 8 days after she was born.